We have been blessed to be able to secure our own Northern Rivers legend, singer/songwriter, Luke Vassella, to sing for us — and to sing with us — at Uki Public Hall on 30th September.

See:  http://mail.lukevassella.com/Home.html

Luke Vassella

Many of you will remember Luke’s generous and powerful anchoring of the Bentley Blockade in 2014 and the beautiful songs he wrote — and sang — specifically for that activist campaign.

Bless This Road is also an activist event: organised by people who are passionate about road safety, as the Bentley activists are passionate about protecting the Earth and the water from coal seam gas mining.

It’s all about community empowerment.

Luke will sing some of the Bentley Blockade songs — for sure!

And Luke and I will sing my favourite activist song, “A Change of Heart” by American feminist singer, Holly Near. (We also heard Holly Near songs sung at Bentley: she is a classic activist singer/songwriter!)

Holly Near’s song is all about courage. And how noticing someone’s courage changes our perspectives. You can bet that it’s taken courage to speak out for Kyogle Road and road safety in the Northern Rivers.

Luke will also sing a lovely Bentley song by American-Australian environmentalist, Steve Manoa Andrews:   https://soundcloud.com/musicofmanoa/we-believe-in-spirit

Steve and I studied with the same environmentalist professors in Perth.

So bring your singing voices to the Uki Hall.

Everyone will be welcome.

Karl claimed that he could not carry a tune, but I reckon he — and Matilda and Cecilia — will be singing along with us on 30th September, as we bring our healing day to a grateful close with “Amazing Grace”.