“Survivor Mission”: a New Film about Courage and Road Safety by Steph Vajda

Survivor Mission Logo 3 web

A blessing in disguise

One of the blessings that has flowed from the shocking experience of losing my beloved Karl to a crash on the Kyogle Road is that my great friend, Steph Vajda, has decided to make a documentary about my activism for road safety reform and getting the road repaired.

That work has yielded good results, and the road will open soon. The much-awaited guardrail is yet to be installed.

As you can imagine, films are expensive things to make and Steph and I have other things to do with our money. Some funding from government sources will be available later — but for now, we are the funders of the urgent filming that is occurring around — and during — the Bless This Road event on 30 September 2018 in Uki.

The trailer

Here is a link to a trailer for our documentary:


This film is not a commercial venture. It’s an unashamedly activist project. We just need money to get things started (filming in Uki, mainly… at Bless this Road … and interviews with survivors and road safety advocates … and a drone…) while I am visiting Australia in late September and early October 2018.

It’s a good story, I feel. And, blessedly, it has a happy ending. Karl, Matilda and Cecilia are dead. So are two others, one a small girl. But the road has been repaired and over $1 million has been spent to fix it. I strongly believe that it would not have happened– or happened this quickly — without our persistent activist presence.

If you have any spare kröten (as Karl called it) that you’d like to dedicate to a good cause, please contact me (Wendy) at: wendy@sarkissian.com.au

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