Five topics to be covered:

  1.  UNITED NATIONS DECADE OF ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY: What does the Council see as its contribution to the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020)? How do they intend to implement it or are they already implementing it? If so, how are they implementing it?
  2. SAFE SYSTEM APPROACHES: To what extent is the Council following the Safe System approach to road safety in the Shire? If not, what models are they following, and why?
  3. LESSONS FROM FOUR FATALITIES: What has the Council learned from the four fatalities in vehicle crashes on Kyogle Road in 2015 and 2016? What are Council’s protocols and processes for gathering data following a fatal vehicle crash on a Council road?
  4. SETTING COUNCIL’S ROAD SAFETY PRIORITIES: How are those priorities set? How is this process changing and evolving with changing conditions and demands? What does the future of road safety priority-setting look like? What is the role of community engagement in designing and implementing the Council’s road safety policies, programs, and plans?
  5. WHAT COULD WE SAY TO KARL, MATILDA, AND CECILIA? What could we tell our loved ones about the progress that has been made about road safety in the Tweed Shire so that they will not feel that they have died in vain?